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Pest Control

Pests can wreak havoc with your garden, your home, and your life. There is nothing worse than trying to develop a beautiful, restful home while dealing with stinging insects, mice, ants, rats, crickets, termites, and their nests. Worse, many pests pose a danger to your health and your home. Termites can cause significant damage to your property and reduce your home’s resell value. If you or a loved ones have an allergy to stinging insects, these pests can pose a real danger to your health. You need real, fast solutions, and our year-round pest management services provide these solutions – as well as peace of mind. Our ongoing services tackle pests at various stages of their life cycle, ensuring that your home and gardens stay pest-free all year long. We tackle all types of pests and we handle every aspect of pest control, so that you can reclaim your property and your life.


Our initial visit to your home is designed to provide you with state-of-the-art pest management as well as peace of mind. One of our professional termite and pest inspectors will visit your home. All our team members are state licensed and bonded, so that you can be assured of quality service. Our inspectors will thoroughly check your home and grounds for any ideal pest habitats as well as any signs of pests. Then, our inspectors will submit a thorough and easy-to-read report to you. This report will outline the inspector’s findings and any suggested course of treatment or action. This report allows you to remain in control and make the informed choices which are best for you and your family.

If your report shows that you need pest control treatment for your property, our inspectors will return with a first intensive attack against the pests in your home. We will treat the perimeter of your home to ensure that pests do not return or continue to enter your property. Then, we will offer a complete intensive interior and exterior treatment on this first service visit, to ensure that you see fast results.

Depending on the specific pest issues you have, our qualified, certified technicians may also:

  • Remove nests, spider webs, dead pests, and other signs of pest presence
  • Inspect and clean fixtures, the attic, closed spaces, pipes, and other accessible areas where pests may live
  • Place monitors inside your home to further evaluate pest presence on your property
  • Offer personalized assistance and suggestions to you and your family


While you will likely experience some peace of mind and see some real results after our initial visit, our service is unique in our follow-up care. We don’t just spot-treat and hope for the best. We follow up with ongoing, quality service to ensure that your home remains pest-free. After our first visit, our certified technicians will focus on the exterior of your home. This ensures that new pests will not enter your property along established entry points.

Our technicians return as frequently as needed after your initial visit, to ensure that your home remains pest-free. We check for any additional pest presence and treat the exterior of your home. If needed, we treat the interior of your home as well so that you can continue to live pest-free. If you notice any problems in your home between visits, you can call our technicians at any time for a no-charge interior treatment as well.


  • Removal of any insect eggs, nests, or webbing
  • A thorough inspection of your home’s exterior for any signs of pests
  • Treatment of any entry points to your home (including windows and doors) where pests may enter
  • A careful application of a treatment barrier around your home or property to discourage pests from approaching your home
  • Inspection of common pest problem areas (such as eaves, mailboxes, play equipment) and treat if needed
  • Refilling of any bait stations

Since we know that termites can be especially destructive to your home, we offer an optional damage warranty against their damage. You can enjoy up to $250,000 in protection with our services for a small additional fee. As part of the service, we will continue to monitor termite activity around the exterior of your home. We will continue to monitor and offer treatment as needed, using the most aggressive methods, so that you can enjoy a safe and pest-free home

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