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While gardening can be fun, trying to control weeds, keep your lawn in perfect shape, and landscape on your own can quickly become overwhelming. If you want professional results, you should turn to the professionals. Our team of experts has years of landscaping experience. We can keep your lawn lush and weed-free year-round and we can ensure that your landscaping looks wonderful with your home. Our team can even turn your yard into a showcase property.

Our secret lies with our team members and our products. Our landscaping and lawn professionals are carefully chosen and trained to provide the best care for your property. We also use only the best products for weed control, so that you enjoy a lush lawn free of weeds such as crabgrass. For dandelions and other broadleaf weeds, we use the best post-emergent herbicides available on the market, saving you hours of backbreaking weeding. Each growing season, our professionals return to your lawn with top quality fertilizers, which provide all the nutrients your lawn and garden need for optimal growth.

The Bullfrog Lawn Treatment Program
Application Month Desscription Purpose
1 Feb-March Crabgrass pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control To prevent grassy weeds from sprouting and to eliminate broadleaf weeds.
2 March-April Round 2 of Crabgrass pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control The second round reinforces the grassy weed control, as they are problematic during the summer. The second application of broadleaf weed control will eliminate lingering weed or those newly sprouted.
3 May Granular fertilizer with spot spray weed control The slow release granular fertilizer will feed your lawn giving it a deeper darker green. Our technician will spot spray for any new broadleaf weeds in your lawn.
4 June-July Round 2 of granular fertilizer with spot spray weed control The slow release granular fertilizer will become fully absorbed in the soil with in 6 weeks. This application helps to maintain the lawns deep green color, while allowing the technician to apply broadleaf weed control.
5 Aug-Sept Round 3 of granular fertilizer with broad leaf weed control. This final application of the summer re-energized your lawn after a few months of high temperatures. Our technicians will also check your lawn for grubs or other opportunistic pests.
6 Oct-Nov Winter weed pre-emergent, broad leaf weed control, and winterize fertilizer. The last nutrient infusing application should be applied at the end of the season. This formula give nutrients to the root system for the winter. We also spray for other weeds along with applying a pre-emergent for winter weeds.
7 Dec-Jan Lime Lime contains calcium which raises the PH of the soil. When the PH is in balance, the plants are able to function optimally. This is especially important if you have oak trees in the lawn.
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